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message from ILA

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International Leprosy Association

P.O.Box 3021 – Bauru – SP, Brazil 17034-971

Fax: 55 14 31035856 / phone: 55 14 31035855


February 23, 2009

Dear Participants


I have heard about the Workshop on “Ensuring the Rights of the Older Generation of

Persons Affected by Leprosy/Hansen's Disease" to be held in Taiwan and I am also

aware of the threat faced by residents of the Lo Sheng community.


The International Leprosy Association (ILA) is a scientific organization devoted to

encouraging collaboration between persons of all nationalities concerned in leprosy

work; to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge of leprosy and its control; to help in

any other practicable manner the anti-leprosy campaign throughout the world; to

maintain a scientific journal of leprosy and to cooperate with any other institution or



Despite its scientific foundation, the ILA has recognized that the participation of

persons affected by leprosy is of the utmost importance in terms of utilizing your living

experiences in order to help scientists and health personnel better understand the disease

and to assist in seeking solutions to the problems that arise in association with this



In this sense I would like to give you my personal views as President of the

International Leprosy Association regarding the problem posed by the building of a

mass transit system involving part of the lands belonging to Lo Sheng Sanatorium. As a

matter of fact, I would like to express my deepest concern over the present situation.

This place has become your home since long ago when you were forced to abandon

your social life to comply with mistaken sanitary regulations that separated you from

your families and communities. Now, we must look at the Lo Sheng Sanatorium not

International Leprosy Association

P.O.Box 3021 – Bauru – SP, Brazil 17034-971

Fax: 55 14 31035856 / phone: 55 14 31035855



only as your home but also as an historical site for future generations to learn what

happened in the past with regard to public health policies. Therefore, Lo Sheng

Sanatorium must be preserved as an important historical shrine that recognizes your

suffering and your resistance against isolation and discrimination.


All efforts should be conveyed to convince the authorities that a workable solution must

be found to preserve your undeniable rights of land, property and dignity and, if

possible, adopt a revised plan for building the transportation system. However, the

priority must be the guarantee of your rights and desires.


In this regard, I would like to convey my strong support to all of you, residents of Lo

Sheng Sanatorium, and express my deepest wishes that an harmonious solution will

arise in the short run in order to preserve the Lo Sheng Community that you have



With my best wishes for a fruitful meeting

Marcos Virmond

ILA President


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