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Henry G. Law  第一任館長


















The Establishment of Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Hawaii


Henry G. Law 

First Superintendent, Kalaupapa National Historical Park  


On January 6, 1866, the first 12 people were taken from their families and friends and sent to the Kalaupapa peninsula because they had leprosy.  They were followed by an estimated 8,000 more people, at least 90% of whom were native Hawaiians



In 1980, the United States Congress officially recognized the significance of Kalaupapa’s history to our country and to the world by establishing Kalaupapa National Historical Park.  The law creating Kalaupapa National Historical Park ensured that the history of Kalaupapa would be preserved and interpreted for the education and inspiration of present and future generations.  Equally important, the establishment of Kalaupapa National Historical Park mandated that the residents of Kalaupapa be allowed to live out their lives in this, their home.



As one of many areas of the United States National Park System, Kalaupapa joined an exclusive group recognized for their nationally significant features.  This groups not only includes the magnificent natural areas of Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks, but also includes such areas as the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial, to mention a few. 



Preserving our nation’s cultural and natural heritage is something in which we can take pride.  Whether we are remembering our past mistakes or recognizing our accomplishments, we can have hope for a better future. 




The primary resource of the Park is its history and its current residents.  It is their lives that make Kalaupapa National Historical Park unique.  The Park stands as a monument to their ability to endure and overcome, both physically and psychologically, not only leprosy, but also the greatest tragedy of all – separation from their familie.



In 2005, Kalaupapa National Historical Park celebrated its 25th anniversary.  Thousands of visitors come to this inspiring Park every year.  As we lose so many of our friends who were the backbone of Kalaupapa’s history, including a woman of Chinese-Hawaiian ancestry who lived at Kalaupapa for 81 years, we can at least assure them that they and their lives will be remembered as part of the cultural heritage of the United States of America.




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