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                                                                                                 By 徐玲玲  IDEA Taiwan  樂生家屬    2009/2/16



































My Family, My Home, My Future

Hsu, Lin-Lin,  IDEA Taiwan, family member of Lo Sheng residents


Dad and Mom met each other and then got married in Lo Sheng Sanatorium (Lo Sheng). I was born in 1968 in the sanatorium, where my home has always been.


Lo Sheng Sanatorium is like an extended family composed by all of the patients and their family. Moreover, it is a heaven where the minority suffering from Hansen’s disease has been secluded from the world.


I appreciate being raised up here, which allow me experiencing the interaction of care, sympathy, just and human right instead of those running after material success and monetary profit.


My elder sister was brought to an orphanage away from Lo Sheng as soon as she was born. My parents had to sneakily hiding me when I was born the next year to avoid the imposition of the institutional policy, which deprived the lepers of their basic human right to staying with family.

My parents have no sin or fault. However, they have been enduring extreme pain once they stepped into Lo Sheng.


I did not understand how much pain they have been suffering until I learned to read and started to contact with external world. They have been so understated, selfless, and humble. They were even unable to resist being forced to participate in new drug testing.


To take care of us, my parents had to work much harder than usual peoples in a way that they pursued part-time job outside Lo Sheng secretly.


All of the elders remaining living in Lo Sheng are people with unusual strong will. Frequently, people could not take it anymore committed suicide to retreat from such plight.


I like Lo Sheng as the way it was. Nowadays, my home has been damaged bit by bit. Perhaps you can not understand the values of this sacred land, where all of the lepers and their family cultivated the place with their handicapped bodies, tenacity, and their whole lifetime. How many landmark places invested with great meanings like this leprosy exist on the earth? We could never allow those inconsiderate but powerful people ruining this place again and again and turning this heaven into a dumping ground.


I cherished all my life experiences around Lo Sheng greatly. On this note, I will keep caring for the minority and supporting those people affected by Hansen Disease and their family. As one of the oppressed people on the ground, I am hoping that our efforts could reach the Hansen’s family over the world. All together we should carry out this historical mission, campaigning for improving leper’s well being including issues of human right, cultural heritage preservation and medication.


Only when the Hansen’s Human right could be recognized and justified will truly come the new century.


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